About Helen Lucas

Helen Lucas’ distinguished career as an artist spans over five decades.  Her unmistakable and captivating floral paintings have been the subject of a multitude of awards, exhibitions, distinctions and publications over the years.  Helen Lucas’ much admired work continues to draw the public to the beauty and strength of her flowers.  Here, you will learn where her work has made an impression in the world around us.


The prolific career of Helen Lucas spans over six decades.

Helen Lucas Collections

Here, you will find a sample of where Helen Lucas’ paintings can be found in various collections throughout North America and beyond.


Helen Lucas has achieved many notable distinctions over the years.


Learn more about the award-winning documentary that offers insight to Helen Lucas’ life and career.

Publications & Media

Helen Lucas and her work have featured in numerous radio and television programs as well in magazines and other publications.

Special Events

Learn about some of the special events Helen Lucas has been involved with that she would like to share with you.