Visitor Comments

In addition to enquiries and requests for commissions we always welcome your own comments. Helen’s work binds an undeniable connection between the flowers, ourselves and the world around us.

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Your painting is hanging in our newly remodeled solarium at the on 18East (General Surgery Unit) for all patients and families to enjoy! We have had many positive comments about your painting such as “when I look at the beautiful painting it takes me away from my illness”. Your painting really brightens up the room and we all love it!
Montreal General Hospital, Quebec

Your paintings are magnificent! I love how majestic you render your floral subjects. You do honour to Nature’s beauty. 
J.M. Ontario

Just want to say hello and thank you for your inspiration.
K.B. New Zealand

I cannot thank you enough for today’s wonderful private tour. I am always blown away by your work, and to have purchased one of your paintings is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a while.
L.M. Ontario

Keep on creating those beautiful, inspiring paintings!
O.E. Ontario

Your paintings are absolutely beautiful.
S.D. British Columbia

Whenever I see your work I feel uplifted… You’re a GREAT Canadian!
J. Ontario

Your work had such a big impact on my work and you are the reason that I still paint.
T.R. Ontario

I am appreciating your paintings of flowers and I enjoy the movement of line flowing throughout the petals, stamens, pistils and leaves.
N.F. Manitoba

I look forward to seeing you soon and want to tell you how much joy your two pieces give me on a daily basis.
P. Ontario

I have been your student and fan since 1979. We are very happy to add another of your works to our growing collection.
E.H. Ontario

As a gardener the effect your flowers has on me is visceral, matched only by being there in the gardens. You are the flowers’ Ambassadress, Helen!
A.S. Ontario

I have been following your work since you appeared in City and Country Home in the
late 70’s. As a result of my obssession, my children gave me one of your ‘Bouquet’
prints for my 50th birthday and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. I am
always in awe of your talent and as a fellow Greek, I understand where your concept
of trying to free yourself of the ethnic chains which we grew up with. It’s a
constant battle! But your ART… your ART! You are leaving your mark on this world.
You should be proud! Thank you for bringing light into my home.
H.G. Ontario