Roots To The Present

Roots To The Present Public Announcement


Helen Lucas with Curators Jenna Shamoon and Simone Wharton, Organisers of the Exhibition and the hugely successful opening reception on the evening of Wednesday, 8th February 2017.






‘The Business Trip’, 1971, 104.1 x 82.5 cm, charcoal on board. Photo credit: Michael Barker










“Angelica is my autobiography. Angelica and I are one. She was living in my head from the early 1960’s as my alter ego. I’d send cards to friends with Angelica doing all the crazy, humourous and outrageous things I never dared to do in real life.” Introduction of ‘Angelica’, 1973, by Helen Lucas

‘Homecoming’, 1980, 121.9 cm x 152.4 cm, oil on canvas